Case Study: Haynes Motor Museum

Haynes Motor Museum – 240kW Solar Photovoltaic System

Sunlit Solar installed a 240kW solar PV system for Haynes Motor Museum.

  • Estimated to generate 218.46Mwh of clean energy per year.
  • Reducing the museum’s carbon emissions by 42.25 tons per year.

System Overview:

PV Modules:



2 x 82.2kW



Predicted Impact:

Installed DC Power:


Max Achieved AC Power:


Annual Energy Production:


Annual CO2 Emissions Saved:


Equivalent Trees Planted (annually):


Performance & Savings:

Performance Ratio:


Estimated Payback Period:

x Years

Estimated Monthly Bill Saving:


Estimated Net Lifetime Bill Saving:


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Client Overview:

Haynes Motor Museum, one of the UK’s leading automotive museums, sought to enhance its sustainability efforts while reducing operational costs.

Project Scope:

Sunlit Solar was entrusted with the task of installing a state-of-the-art 240kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system at the Haynes Motor Museum.

Solution Implemented:

Sunlit Solar meticulously designed and installed a bespoke solar PV array tailored to the museum’s energy needs and architectural specifications. The system incorporated advanced solar technology to maximise energy generation while seamlessly integrating with the museum’s infrastructure.

Results Achieved:

  • Clean Energy Generation: The installed solar PV system is projected to produce an estimated 218.46MWh of clean energy annually.
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction: Haynes Motor Museum anticipates a significant reduction of 42.25 tons in carbon emissions per year, aligning with their commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Operational Efficiency: By harnessing solar energy, the museum is poised to decrease its reliance on conventional energy sources, leading to long-term cost savings and operational efficiency.

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